Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Blame It On The Kiss by Robin Bielman (Review)

YAY! We have book two of the Kisses in the Sand books. In Blame It On The Kiss we focus on Honor Mitchell and Bryce Bishop. Okay, I love this story. It's one of stories I just couldn't put down. Let share the greatness of this story and hope to not overshare, because I LOVE IT!.

If you read Keeping Mr. Right Now you would remember Honor and Bryce from the previous story. Honor is the one to help Sophie's revamp her image, and Bryce is best friends with Zane also his agent. Now we are getting ready for Zane and Sophie's wedding. However, a lot has happen and here we go.

Bryce and Honor kind of have a past together, sort of. Here's how they are linked together: Payton. Who's Payton you ask? Well, she's the ex-girlfriend to Bryce, and best friend to Honor. Yeah, gets kind of complicated, but she's no longer in the living. Anyway, her memory is haunting these people. Basically, Payton never told Bryce she was extremely sick and just dumped. She kind of left Bryce with a shattered heart. So he decided to make a rule:
Never get too attached and never give a woman power to damage his heart again.
Damn, that sucks for the next girl. Then we have Honor who has been dubbed by her friends as the serial dater. Yeah, these two are going to make a fine pair.  If that wasn't there only problem, it would be Payton.

Payton plays a huge part in this story, because every time Honor and Bryce draw close together they remember Payton. Talk about a major buzz kill. They are both compound by guilt, but more on Honor's side. A lot of Honor's guilt stems from a relationship that had gone wrong in high school. Her ex-boyfriend did a number on her. He was a total jerk for calling her selfish. Anyway.

LOVED Blame It On The Kiss because it was a fantastic read that dealt with overcoming guilt and regret. Plus, there were some fantastic lines like:
Walking with our heads down trying to pull the weight of our mistakes doesn't make them go away. Choice is the only thing that conquers regret. Choosing to learn from our past and waking up with hope on the pillowcase beside us rather than remorse. 
Not only that it had some humorous parts especially, when Midge and her "Street Team" enter the scene. Those ladies crack me up. So, if you want a happy sappy story with a little more steam than a normal Bliss book, you might consider Blame It On The Kiss. This story can be read as standalone if you haven't had a chance to read Keeping Mr. Right Now.

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5 Stars


  1. Oh man. I do need to give her a try. It's been a while since I've read one from this line of Entangled.

  2. I love this line, because you have a little more racy sappy read. I love Robin's writing.