Sunday, June 7, 2015

Shattered Duty by Katie Reus (Review)

Oh my heavens, I have been waiting for Levi Lazaro's book since we got a glimpse of him in Targeted. Seriously, I love Levi. If you have been following the Deadly Ops books, you would have seen Levi here and there. He was always in the shadows. So, he gave off this impression that he wasn't a bad guy, but wasn't quite a good guy either. Then we got bits and pieces that he use to be part of Wesley's group, but left after his wife's murder. Finally, Katie shares Levi's story in Shattered Duty. Yippee!

Levi so close to finding out who killed his wife, but we also find out she was pregnant. Crap. Totally understand why he wants justice after being robbed of his family. Basically, he's not going to let anyone stop him, even if comes in a form of good looking NSA agent, Selene Wolfe.

Oh my goodness, this story is awesome. Then again I don't expect anything less, because this series has been amazing. Anyway, we see Levi and Selene working together. Selene has this fear that Levi is going to go all rogue once he has gotten the information that he needs. However, Levi isn't that type of guy, even if he has gone off the deep end (a little). Anyway, Shattered Duty is an action packed story that brings Levi's past and present together. We get to see Levi start to live again, because before he was just a hollow shell just looking for justice. Man the man was living like a monk, for two years. Duty to serve justice was most important. Yet, Selene was able to reawaken him. Now Selene is a young, beautiful, intelligent agent who wants to take down the bastard who wants to do harm to millions of people.

Do you have to read the previous story to understand Shattered Duty? No, but my question would be why deprive yourself from this awesome series. I love Levi and Selene story, because they are amazing together. Plus, you get to see Levi at his finest. Nothing like having an action pack story like Shattered Duty.

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5 Stars

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