Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More Than He Expected by Andrea Laurence

First off, Andrea Laurence book More Than He Expected is not a secret baby story. Darn; I love those types of story. Nope, it's more like Alex Stanton and Gwen Wright had a fling after Will and Adrienne's wedding. For those who have read What Lies Beneath would remember Will and Adrienne. Okay, back to Alex and Gwen. Anyway, they have a fling and basically Alex left and Gwen needed to filled the void of life. So, she opted to be a surrogate for a couple. Jump ahead almost eight months, Alex and Gwen reunite. Alex wants to jump her bones, while Gwen is a bit cautious. We know how this all works they ended up in bed together, of course one person changes the rules and needs to leave.

I liked this story for a couple of reasons: 1) We get see previous character from the first book (even though this is a standalone). 2) Gwen and Alex are very similar on their views on marriage and love. Other than that, I like the story cause it's a nice romance of two people want to live in the moment, but find that their views start to change. I love that Gwen goes through a huge emotional change and she's not going to let her upbringing effect her anymore. Alex on the other hand is a bit more stubborn and needs a little help to realize what he's going to miss.

Overall, More Than He Expected is a pretty good read. I would say that it's a lover reunite story, but that wouldn't be quite accurate since neither one of them thought their previous encounter counted as a relationship. I guess it's overcoming past upbringings to find happiness. So, if you are looking for something like this, you might give More Than He Expected a try.


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