Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Four Weddings and a Break Up by Elyssa Patrick

I adore Patrick's writing. I love that her stories tend to be fun, sexy, and awesome. Let me clarify the sexy, it's usually her heroes. I mean she just finds away for me to fall in love with her hero. I also love her heroines too, but she just knows how to write a charming hero that surprises me every time. Anyway, let me dive more into my thoughts.

I adore For Weddings and a Break Up. I personally thought it was a light fun read. I was laughing quite a bit in the book. You this is one of the stories I need to break it down by characters.

Ginny Michaels: She's a survivor. The year before she survive a school shooting and save a student. However, she lives with the guilt that she could have saved the shooter. In away she's trying to pickup her life and move forward. Also the "quintessential good-girl-next-door."
Wes Dalton: Not so great relationship with his family. He home to try to mend bridges and help out his brothers with his family. He's a bit commit-phobic. So, he doesn't want a real relationship.
Julie: Ginny's sister. She's trying to help her sister, but doesn't know how. Plus, Ginny kind of closed off herself to others.
Faith: Ginny's mother. She's definitely something else. Some of the things she would say to her daughters made me blush. I love one of Ginny's thoughts on her mother's comments:
"She really needed to get an electric collar for her mom, so that each time her mom said something a little too frank or embarrassing . Ginny could just press the button and zap, her mom would shut up and move on."
Jake, Seth, and TJ: Wes's half-brothers, and trying to make amends with.

However, the story mainly focuses on Ginny and Wes relationship. Even though it starts out fake, both of them start to developing feelings for one another. I love when they decide to become a real couple.

However, the story is more than the fake dating and trying to keep off everyone's radar to matchmake.  I love how story has other things going on that add more depth. For instance, Wes comes home, because of his father's health problems and to bridge the gap between his family. Ginny still coping with the school shooting and dealing with the family that blames her for their sons death. Yes, the story is light and fun, but also tackles some issues that might plague people in life. I think any romance lover will fall in love with Wes and Ginny. Let me tell you Wes something so sweet in the book that I would want to marry him.

So, if you are looking for a charming read that has a little more than a sappy romance, you might want to give Four Weddings and a Break Up a go.

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