Sunday, May 18, 2014

After the Scandal by Elizabeth Essex

A couple of days ago I read After the Scandal by Elizabeth Essex. I guess I should dive into my thoughts.

At the beginning of After the Scandal we find Tanner Evans, the Duke of Fenmore  pining of Lady Claire Jellicoe. Tanner plans to get Claire anyway possible. However, he finds his way when she goes off with Lord Rosing. Now Rosing isn't the decent guy he presents himself to be, anyway something happens and Tanner needs to rescue Claire. Claire and Tanner go off on their journey they find a body. There begins the story.

I like Claire, because at the beginning of the story she's naïve and unaware of the dangers the world. However, as the story progresses she grows and learns that her shelter life offered nothing that would help her in the real world. I like Tanner too. He's not your typical duke. Growing basically on the streets, he learn how to survive. Those skills helped him and Claire solve the mystery.

I liked the characters and I liked the story. I didn't mind that the story held more mystery than romance. However, I wasn't really pulled into the story. Don't get me wrong the story was well written and interesting, but just didn't wow me. I liked that how Claire and Tanner use deduction and reasoning to solve the murder, but I just never really felt that they connected. I felt that they were focusing more on who done it. Yes, Tanner has been wanting Claire for sometime and I guess that's a enough. I guess I felt like there romance was a little rush towards the end. Overall, I liked After the Scandal, just didn't fall in love with story.

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