Friday, May 16, 2014

Lady Wild by Máire Claremont

I absolutely love Máire Claremont's writing. She's a talented writer and knows how to mesmerize a reader with the words on the page. Even though her stories can be a little darker than most, she's able captivate the readers attention. Anyway, Lady Wild is a special story she has written and all the proceeds of the story will go towards Hospice. All right back to my thoughts.

Lady Ophelia has been dealing with a lot. Sometimes a person gets overwhelm with the cards they are dealt. So, when we meet Ophelia she feels that life is too much to handle, but she's rescued by someone who needs to be rescue just as much as her, Andrew Colton, Viscount Stark.

I think the best way to look at this story would be three main characters:
 Lady Ophelia: She's coping with a lot. For instances, she's living in poverty and trying to take care of her mother. Trying to deal with that her mother only has a short time to live.
Andrew, Viscount Stark: A shell of a person. He lives and breaths, but lacks the ability to feel.
Lady Darlington: Ophelia mother. She would love to see her daughter live again after she has passed.

A beautiful story that touches on many things on grief and living after a love one has passed. I love Lady Darlington's love for her daughter and her concern for he well being after she has pass. I honestly don't think that Lady Darlington would have given Ophelia to Andrew if she hadn't seen something in him. I love when Andrew brings these two ladies into his life he starts to live and feel again. It was lucky he found and basically saved Ophelia. In return she had saved him from himself.

I love the message of the story about dealing with grief and how to survive. Truly a wonderful story even though there is heart break, but there is joy and hope.

Favorite Quote:
"Because it means you are feeling. And what do we have in this life but our feelings? The only thing which could ever break my heart would be see you sleep-walk your way through this life, unfeeling, unmoved. Promise me that you will live. Let me see you seize this life, despite the fear that is in every heart."
Copy provided by author.


On a personal note:
Hospice is a wonderful service. It helps those people in the last days of their lives. I should know, because when I was 15 my grandmother died of cancer. If it wasn't for hospice care she would have spent her last days in a hospital. However, having hospice care allowed her to spend her last days in her home and with her family. I truly think that what Máire is doing is a wonderful thing. 


  1. I just picked this novella up and shared about it on FB. Thanks for letting me know about it, Melody.

    Marcy Shuler

  2. Hospice is an amazing service for many people. I wish it had been around when my grandmother was dying. Thanks to Marie for donating to such a wonderful cause. Thanks Melody for spreading the word.

  3. I already got this, but didn't get to read it yet! I agree that I love Maire's writing. It is very kind of her to donate the proceeds of this to hospice. Thanks for the review & information!