Friday, May 23, 2014

Hexed by Andris Bear

If any of you have read Angel Unleashed, you would definitely remember Jake Rider. Okay the more I think of it Jake has the mouth of an teenage boy. Seriously, you would think he had only one thing on his mind. Anyway, Jake and Lia find themselves in a mess and trying to help this guy named Ben. Poor guy has been stuck with a family curse and doesn't know what to do. Now it's up to Jake and Lia to help him solve the problem.

As filthy as Jake's mouth is I still love the guy and Lia is still a kick-ass heroine. However, they do have to call in some reinforcements for this problem. Overall, a quick read novella that gives you a little extra of Lia and Jake. So, if you love Jake and Lia and want a little more you might want to grab Hexed and see what they are up against.

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