Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wicked Thing by Angeline Kace

Have you ever read a story, and go "Man that could be my story." Or totally connect with a character cause of certain events in your life mimic something you in a book. Well, this happens to be the case with Angeline Kace Wicked Thing.

Growing up, Carmyn Rafferty life hasn't always been sunshine and daisy. Nope, her little life started tumble when she caught her mother cheating on her father. I know that can't be easy, because I actually encounter something similar in my life. That can take a total on persons psyche. When a person encounters something like that there is always that fear it might happen to them. The best way to protect oneself is to make a good defense. Carmyn really thought she made the best choice in her life when she hooked up with Becker.

However, Becker was a douche and cheated on Carmyn. He couldn't do much about it cause she caught him red-handed. Which causes her to spiral off the deep end. With the support of good friends, she manages to pick herself back up again. During this time, she gets to know Dallas Brown.

Now Dallas is known to play the field a time or two. Ok, maybe a bit more than that. However, he's always had a thing for Carmyn and never thought he had a chance, because she was with a douche of a boyfriend. However, his chance has come to tap that. Yet, there's some type of connection between Carmyn and himself that he wants to give a go. So,  here is the beginning of beautiful friendship with benefits.

Overall, I really enjoyed Camryn and Dallas story. I love how they were in a sense kindred souls, each of them bringing out the best in each other. The best way to describe Camryn would be a planner. One of those people who like to have their ducks in a row. However, life not always accommodating. Dallas is great at teaching her how to loosing up the reigns a bit. Dallas, he's just super hot. I love how his character really develops more and he's able to move past the player facade. In my opinion Wicked Thing is a read worth taking a chance. It has good times and bad times. So, if you are looking for a deliciously wicked read, you might give Wicked Thing a try.

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