Monday, October 14, 2013

Her Accidental Boyfriend by Robin Bielman

Today I finished Her Accidental Boyfriend by Robin Bielman which is the second book in A Secret Wishes Novel. All right, so this book is super adorable. However, it's easy when to find a super adorable book in the Bliss line.

Anyway; at the end of Kissing the Maid of Honor, we see in the Cascade Gazette Shane Sullivan cozying up to a certain waitress. Well, that waitress was Kagan Owens. So, we get to read Shane and Kagan's relationship.

Yes, this is an adorable read. Love Shane, even though he's known as the town player. However, he does have a good heart, especial when it comes to a certain damsel in distress. Kagan left New York to escape an overbearing father, who believe he knew what was best for Kagan. All Kagan saw was her self suffocating under her father's thumb, and that is how she ended up in Cascade, Oregon.

Well, overbearing fathers never really give up on protecting their children. Oh no, they send some to collect their stubborn children. Of course her father sends Brent, the guy he wants Kagan to marry. So, what do you do in a situation like this? Well, you make a boyfriend. Lucky for Kagan, Shane happen to come by at the right moment. Oh dear. Love Shane and how he's willing to play along on trying to prove Kagan has a good life in Cascade.

Shane is great. I mean he could have totally have blown Kagan's cover, instead he plays along even sacrificing his player status. However, there are sparks between Kagan and Shane and he's just glad to get a chance to be with her. Kagan isn't like most girls. One she isn't falling all over herself to get Shane's attention. Actually, she tries to steer clear from him, but circumstance kind throw her into Shane's path.

Overall, Her Accidental Boyfriend is another cute story from Robin. I really enjoy her Bliss books, because they are sweet and fun. They give you that warm fuzzy feeling, which is a must in a Bliss book. So, if you are looking for that warm fuzzy feeling with a Player turn hero, you might want to read Her Accidental Boyfriend.

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