Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Outback Affair by Annie Seaton

Yesterday, I started Outback Affair by Annie Seaton. First off the story is a cute read, but something just didn't click with me. I try to see if I'm the only one that felt this way. I have to say I'm in the minority. Oh well. I guess I should highlight what I liked about the story.

In Outback Affair Jessica Trent has decide to try to prove that she can be a full-time writer and the best way to do so is get the interview of a lifetime with Alessandro Ricardo. However, the man is like a recluse and avoids the limelight like the plague.

Jess tends to be a walking disaster. One of her problem is she's not a planner. She gets this idea and kind of goes into battle without a strategy, which doesn't always work all time. In this instance it backs fire and she ends up on a wild outback adventure with Alex Richard who happens to be Alessandro. However, she doesn't know this.

The traveling through the outback was kind of fun, and the banter Jess and Alex was cute. However, I just didn't the story and this could be just me. Overall, Outback Affair is a cute story with cute moments. Yet, I just didn't click with the story. So, if you like stories set in the outback, you might enjoy Outback Affair.

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