Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Billionaire's Matchmaker (Indulgence Anthology)

Welcome to Chandler Cove where we meet four lucky young ladies: Gabby, Marney, Mia, and Jenny. They don't know but they are going to get some help finding love by a Jack Russell Terrier by the name of Charlie in The Billionaire's Matchmaker. How you may ask? Well, in each of the story Charlie is the key for them finding love, with his effervescent charm. 

Driving Mr. Wrong Home 
Shirley Jump

Road trips can either spell fun or disaster. You never know what's going to happen. Two things can happen: 1) They end up being the best of friends or 2) One of them ends up dead out in the middle of no where. Fortunately, Gabby and TJ ended becoming more than friends.

Actually Gabby and TJ use to be good friends in high school, but fell away from each other cause one was afraid to admit they like the other. The other ended having hurt feelings because they admitted they had feelings. Now they have a chance to reconnect on more than one level.

This story is really cute. I like how TJ and Gabby reconnect on the road-trip to California. However, there are a couple hurdles to overcome between these two. This a short quick read and it is enjoyable. A simple plot, but sometimes you just don't want to dive into something too deep.

The Sheriff's Secret
Susan Meier

First off, we all know that friends with benefits never ever work, so why go through the hassle. In theory it should work just find as long as either party doesn't develop feelings. If they do, they need to develop feelings at the same time which helps.

In this story Marney ends up calling 9-1-1, because she heard a strange noise. Low and behold her neighbor Dell comes to her aid. However, he thought she was trying to get him to come over. Well, Marney finds out some stuff about the good sherif would like to keep underwraps. They start to hangout a little more.

Really quick real and I did enjoy the story. Some may criticize on how quickly Marney and Dell for each other. It's fine. Overall, a cute story if you don't have a hang up for quick storyline, which I don't.

Love Unleashed
Jackie Braun

Growing up in foster care is never easy for children and sometimes it spills over into adulthood. Mia's greatest fear is getting into a relationship and ended getting abandon in the long run. So, the best way to avoid this situation is to keep relationships at arms length. Mia did a good job at that when she broke up with Gideon.

Gideon wanted to marry Mia, but that totally freaked her out. So, he figure the best way to forget Mia is to pack up and leave. However, Mia and Gideon end up spending more time together cause of Charlie. Who knows maybe Mia will overcome her abandonment issues.

I like this story. I normally don't do second chance romances, because one or both parties were stupid. Yes, Mia might have been a little dumb to breakup with Gideon, but her reasons were logical to herself.  Plus, it was a cute quick read.

Love in the Shadows
Barbara Wallace

In this story we finally meet the recluse Nicholas Bonaparte who happens to be Charlie's owner. The last person to have Charlie is Jenny. Poor Jenny, her plans went awol when Charlie decided to mess her around her Lulu. So, she goes to Nick's home to get compensated for the terror Charlie inflicted. Well, let's just say things don't turn out peachy right away.

This one is a good story. You come to learn the reason why Mr. B is a recluse. I like how Jenny is so understanding towards him. Both of them bring baggage to the relationship, but each of them is will to each others flaws.

Overall thoughts on The Billionaire's Matchmaker: They are all cute stories that all tie to one little town and effervescent dog. Each of them find love when they have Charlie around. Even Mr. B is able to find love at last. So, if you are looking for cute, simple, quick reads, you might want to give The Billionaire's Matchmaker a try.

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