Friday, October 4, 2013

Love and Other Games by Ana Blaze, Melinda Dozier, Aria Kane, Kara Leigh Miller

In Love and Other Games we see four stories that center around the Winter Olympics. However, they have more in common than the Olympics, but some type of good luck charm. Will each of our athletes find luck and love to; lets see.

Trouble with Gold
Melinda Dozier

The best way to describe this novella is adorable. We have Ty Madison (aka Trouble) an Olympic snowboarder. Ty is aiming to win gold. However, his teammates decided to play a little joke on him. Good thing they did, because he was able to meet Nadia Hoffman. He's all about having fun, while she might be a stick in the mud. When she's around Ty, she starts to learn she can have fun and get what she wants. Verdict: CUTE.

Ice Gold
Kara Leigh Miller

I'm starting love stories with hockey player heroes. Colton Campbell is the captain for the American hockey team. He really doesn't have a problem getting ladies in his bed, but when it comes Brenna Jessup there is no winning. There's a couple of things Brenna doesn't like 1) Players and 2)Athletes. Sounds like Cole has his work cut out for him. All Brenna wants to do is do her job and get out of Switzerland intact. I really like this story. You have a guy trying to get a girl who doesn't want anything to do with him, makes for an interesting read. Verdict: LOVED.

The Girl Behind the Gold
Aria Kane

In this story we meet Lia Milonas who happens to be a Greek aerial skier. Pretty cool. Anyway, she has a problem, and she's not likable. Lia comes off a bit standoffish, because she doesn't have a bubbly personality. Which causes problems when trying get sponsors. Then Lia meets Brandon James, who she believes is prospective sponsor. Nope, he's actually with the press. Lia doesn't do well with the press. How's this going to work? I actually really liked this story. We have a vulnerable athlete, but no ones it who meets in essence her enemy. I like that Brandon tries to help her out. Verdict: ENJOYABLE.

Worth More than Gold
Ana Blaze

I think I love this story the best. We meet Erik Andresen who believe he didn't have a chance to be a contender, but somehow finds away to be one with the help of Amy Pierce. Now Amy is at the Olympics to help and support her sister, but could there be a chance of romance. Seriously, Erik is swoon worthy. In my mind I actually pictured Erik as Alexander Skarsgård. Let's be honest, he's pretty hot. The description of Erik being a viking, so I thought of True Blood's Erik. Anyway, I really like the story. I could go on rambling about, but I think I should stop. Verdict: SWOON-WORTHY.

Overall, these stories are all quick reads that are enjoyable. They have elements of being cute, lovable, and yes, swoon-worthy. They had me chuckling with oh-god-situation that made them light and fun. That's what they are suppose to be light and fun. So, if you are looking for some light fun, you might want to try Love and Other Games.

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