Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tempting the Cowboy by Elizabeth Otto

Have you ever started a book and thought "this is going to be a gut wrenching read." It doesn't to often to me, but every now and again I get that feeling. I definitely got that feeling when I started Tempting the Cowboy by Elizabeth Otto.

In Tempting the Cowboy, both Rylan and Cole are dealing with their own emotional baggage. Each of them has been burn by someone they thought loved them. So, when they meet each other they are both leery about the attraction they feel towards one another. Rylan who was burned by a husband who wanted to keep a clean image while he was whoring around with prostitutes. In the long run costing his life and the life of their daughter. So, we have Rylan basically picking up the pieces of her life.

Now Cole was burn by an ex-wife who was pretty much a gold-digger. Once their child was born decided to pack up and leave and never looking back. Yeah, Cole has a trust issue when it comes to women. Also he has to lookout for the best interest of his daughter.

You can say it's a bit emotionally charge story. I like how Cole and Rylan are both afraid to let anyone close to them for fear of getting burned again. Yet, they are slowly able to break-down the barriers. Of course, we have a few bumps in the road. Rylan's fear of forgetting her daughter if she lets another child into her life. Completely understandable. Cole's issue is his daughter. Overall, a really good read. It might cause a bit of a punch to the gut, but still worth the read. So, if you like having both hero and heroine bringing emotional baggage to the table, you might enjoy Tempting the Cowboy.

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