Thursday, October 31, 2013

Once She Was Tempted by Anne Barton

Staying up way past my bedtime, I finished Once She Was Tempted by Anne Barton, which is the second book in Honeycote books. By the way I don't recommend, however, it was a pretty good book. So, let's get on with my thoughts.

Basically, Once She Was Tempted is about Daphne Honeycote going out into society and possibly making a brilliant match, after all her sister did. Well, Benjamin Elliot, earl of Foxburn, doesn't want her setting her cap on his friend, because of a scandalous portrait she did a sometime ago. Now she's distraught because one of the portrait is technically out in society, and she needs to find the other one. She enlists the help Ben to find the other.

First off, I did enjoy Once She Was Tempted. Personally, I believe it takes a strong person to do whatever it takes to save someone they love. Daphne does have a good heart, if she didn't she would have sacrifice her reputation to try to save her mother by posing in such a scandalous manner. Plus, she honestly never believe her behavior could come to haunt her. It was probably more like bad luck that Ben happen to be the keeper of one of portraits.

I did like Ben. He's a bit rough around the edges, but he does care a lot for his friends and would do anything to ensure they are happy. Even if he tends throw himself a pity-party. Yes, Ben return from the war a damage man physically and mentally. He tends to believe that no one want the broken man he happens to be. Whenever he's around Daphne, she tends to bring sunshine to his life and he doesn't really realize the gem he has until it's almost too late.

Overall, I found Once She Was Tempted a delightful read. Yes, you have a wounded hero and a heroine who always looks on the bright side. She manages to still be cheerful with her impending doom, by the way takes strength. So, if you are looking for a story with a scandalous lady and a wounded hero, you might try Once She Was Tempted.

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