Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Seven Day Fiancé by Rachel Harris

Are you looking for a sweet sappy romance, I would say checkout Entangled Bliss line, because they have such a great selection on sappiness. Todays selection is no exception. I just finished Seven Day Fiancé by Rachel Harris. Seriously, super über cute.

One of my favorite types of story is the fake engagement or fake boyfriend/girlfriend. Yes, they are my top faves when it comes to romance and I'll tell you all why. One they always end up together in the end. Two it's always hilarious to see the shenanigans that go on in the story. And I feel like there should be a third, but I can't think of one. Anyway; now my thoughts on the story.

All right I haven't read the first book in Rachel's Love and Games books, but I do have it. It's sitting in my kindle with puppy dog eyes. Anyway, let's focus on Angelle Prejean and Cane Robicheaux (very Louisiana names by the way).

First off, I adore Angelle. I could truly relate to the character. Angelle is shy and a bit awkward at times. She tends to fumble along when she's around Cane. Now Cane is like the town playboy. He doesn't want anything serious, but when an opportunity comes up to hangout with Angelle he jumps on board. However, it wasn't what he was expecting.

First off Seven Day Fiancé had me in a stitch a couple of times. Once at the beginning and I can't say, because like Angelle I would have blush at the situation she was caught in. I don't even know how she made it through the event. Second time was when Angelle was at her family home with Cane. Overall, a fun story that had me laughing and I even got choked up with tears when Cane was being an idiot. So, if you are looking for a über cute and fun read, you might want to read Seven Day Fiancé.

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