Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Darkest Link by Scarlett Cole

 We need to get out of the way the customary schpeale about me jumping into a series without starting the first book. We know I do this and notorious about it, moving on. Anyway, if you haven't read any of A Second Circle Tattoos books, don't worry you won't be too lost. The story focuses on Reid Kennedy and Julianne Carlisle (Lia), but there are some previous characters that integrate into the story. They do have ties to main character. Anyway, moving on.

We have all heard the saying that, "Blood is thicker than water," when talking about the family bonds. I think it should be "In most cases blood is thicker than water, but there are exceptions to the rule." The Darkest Link is one of those stories. Reid is basically run from a past, but misses his family. Lia can't get away from her family. Her father basically manipulates Lia to do what he says, but she has decided to cut ties. By the way isn't the easiest thing to do, because her mom is basically losing grasp on reality.

I wasn't sure if I was going to finished The Darkest Link, because it seemed a little slow at the beginning. However, Scarlett was able to drag me in with her characters. The next thing I knew I was waiting with baited breath to see what happen in the next character. Entranced by these characters lives, especially when Reid's past collided with his present, and possible future. However, that wasn't the only thing going on, Lia's father. Dude, he made my crazy family look like I don't know. Talk about lies and deceit that oozed from that man. Overall, The Darkest Link won me over. It started out slow, but turned into a page turner once I got started. Plus, the cover is yummy one.

Copy provided by St. Martin's Press via NetGalley.

4 1/2 Stars

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