Friday, August 12, 2016

Dare to Stay by Jen McLaughlin (Review)

Before proceeding any further, you must read Dare to Run, because Dare to Stay picks up after a certain point. You have to read Dare to Run to understand why Chris is trying to break apart his road to hell. Stop right here, because there is a spoiler from the previous book. Sorry, it has to happen, because it's the starting point of Dare to Stay.

Chris was perfectly fine with building his personal road to hell. Hell he didn't mind lay brick by brick, but when he realize what he had become after Dare to Run he decided it was time to atone for his crime. Yeah, when you try to kill your best friend/blood-brother and make it look like his brother his brother was trying to off him is a pretty low point in life. Yep, my mouth dropped when I read that and that was when I knew I had to continue with the series, I had to find out how Chris's story played out. So, glad I did. Yes, I was a little hesitant at first, because I did have a rough start with Dare to Run, but Dare to Stay excellent read. I mean Jen had me at the beginning with Chris basically dying in the alley when Molly stumble upon him, and she decided to take him in. Granted it probably wasn't the best idea of Molly, I mean her father died by a thug. However, she felt this was a sign from her father to help Chris out. She definitely need a change in her life. Haha, I bet she never expected this.

Chris and Molly are polar opposites. She's sweet, bubbly, and light shines all around her, while Chris is dark, dangerous, and everything he touches dies. However, he would love to have a little light in his life even though he doesn't deserve that. However, throughout the story he aims to do things right through Scotty, Lucas's brother.

All right, Dare to Stay is pretty awesome. We get to see more of Chris's good side. You would never know he had one, but starts to show it. Yes, he's still a ruthless killer, but now he only kills if he has to. Molly makes him a better person. Miss Sunshine is great influence on Chris. She doesn't change herself to be with Chris; she tends to be her same self, which is pretty awesome. The Sons of Steel Row is something to keep an eye out on. This is a series you can't pick up in the middle, you have to read from book one. Granted you wouldn't be totally lost. If you are into dirty, gritty, underworld, gangs, The Sons of Steel Row might be your kind of read.

Copy provide by Berkley via NetGalley

4 1/2 Stars

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