Monday, November 2, 2015

Nowhere to Hide by Lindsay McKenna (Review)

I have to say that Nowhere to Hide is a good start to a new series. Basically, we are laying the ground work for Delos Home School Charities to combine forces with Artemis Security. However, it wouldn't have happen if a deadly drug lord decided to take out his revenge for Delos Home School Charity. He is targeting Lia Cassidy. In the story we learn quite a bit about Lia. Her backstory is pretty kind of rough. During her time in the army she was attacked and she hasn't been the same. The attack made her leery of men. I do like her, because she's stronger than what she believes. If she let the incident take over her life, she would have been shell of a person. Instead she decided to work and try to put the past behind her. We also meet Cav Jordan who is assign to protect Lia. I adore him, because he didn't see Lia as a walking scar, but the person.

In Nowhere To Hide, we watch two people get to know each in the face of danger. I liked how patient Cav was with Lia, he truly wanted to prove to her that he saw the sweet person. One of my favorite quote came Dilara to Lia about opening up to have a relationship:
"No one is perfect, Lia. They make look like they are, but they aren't. We're all imperfect and we carry a number of scars. Some are just more obvious than others. Cav has his share of scars believe me. You need to realize that your scars don't make you who you are, and they never will."
That quote pretty much the define majority of the story. It took both Cav and Lia to realize that scars don't make the person, they may shape a person, but they do not define them. Overall, a good way to lay the groundwork for the rest of the series.

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3 1/2 Stars

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