Monday, November 9, 2015

Falling For Her Enemy by Victoria James (Review)

I received a chance to read Victoria James Falling for Her Enemy. I have to say that it was a pretty good read. Basically, we meet Hayden Brooks who finds out he might have secret child from a one-night stand about 7 years ago. The woman who says that he might be the father is blackmailing. Of course, he hires an investigator to find the child that could be his. He finds the child and wants to know if she is his. He comes across Alex McAllister who happens to be the child's adopted mother. We have Hayden who wants a DNA test to confirm or deny if the child is his, which causes Alex to panic that she might lose her daughter. We see Hayden, Alex, and Cassie getting to know one another throughout the story. Hayden starts to fall for both mother and daughter. Oh how sweet.

Overall, it was a sweet story. We get to know Alex a little better and see that she has abandonment issues that stem from childhood. She has this fear of her life that she created is crumbling right before her eyes when Hayden starts making waves. It's a nice story that gives a child something she wants. However, I was a little disappointed that issue of the blackmailing woman wasn't truly dealt with. We just ended up with one big happy ending, and felt she was just swept under the rug. I wish there was an epilogue to find out how Alex and Hayden dealt with this woman that stirred up trouble, but that just me. However, for a sweet story that centers around the Christmas time frame, it's pretty good.

Copy provided by Entangled via NetGalley

4 Stars

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