Thursday, November 26, 2015

Audiobook: True Love and Other Disasters by Rachel Gibson

As I have been cleaning a few areas of my house, I have decided I would listen to a book instead of music. I decided to listen to Rachel Gibson's True Love and Other Disasters. So, lets meet the characters.

We have Faith Duffy, who went from stripper to bunny (Playboy) to trophy wife to widow. Which is a lot of changes to go through in her life after all she's only 30 years old. However, most people would assume she's a gold digger, I did. There is more to Faith than the bombshell beauty who capture the attention of an 80 year old man. She did care for Virgil. When she found out that she had inherited a hockey team, she couldn't believe it. She planned to sell the team to Virgil's sniveling son. It just didn't pan out for Landon. Yet, Faith's character impressed me. I personally would have looked for another buyer for the team than Virgil's a-hole of a son, but that's besides the point. She kept the team and an she was more than just a blond bombshell. She learned at a young age that she need to have a thick skin. It's not always easy.

Next we have Ty Savage, the captain of the Chinooks. He's handsome and great hockey player, plus he's worried about his team. Especially, when Mrs. Duffy decides to keep the team. Faith doesn't know much about hockey. Fortunately, she finds a manager that is willing to help her. That's not the only problem Ty has against Faith, it's all due to the fact he has a hard-on for the woman. Complicates a mess of issues.

Basically, we have Faith not sure why Ty can't stand her and is angry with her all the time. She's trying to be the best owner that she can be. We have all this sexual tension building between the two of them. Which makes a pretty good story.

Overall, True Love and Other Disasters was a pretty good listen. I enjoyed the story overall, but I was a little disappointed with the ending. Yes, they manage to have a happy ending, but I just didn't feel like they put Landon in his place. It felt like you assumed he was put in his place. Oh well. Yet, I enjoyed the growth of character Faith had endured, cause you get the feeling that she didn't know who she was at the beginning of the story and she slowly came into her own. I liked that she started to believe in herself. Ty is Ty. He kind of was struggle to like. He was so judgmental of Faith and pretty much thought her as ding bat. It wasn't until he got to know her that I started to like him.

Now the narration: I struggled at the beginning of the book. I felt that the narrater was a bit breathy most of the times. It felt a little over dramatic. When it feels like she's pausing too often and taking too long. There was a couple of times there were accents I felt didn't fit the character or I wanted her to pick. When Faith got nervous it sounded like she had a southern accent, which is not possible because she's from Nevada. However, her breathy reading did provide great sex scenes. Overall, she did an okay job.

4 Stars

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