Sunday, October 25, 2015

Cold-Hearted Rake by Lisa Kleypas (Review)

I received a chance to read a highly anticipated read by Lisa Kleypas Cold-Hearted Rake. Okay, here's a little secret, this is my first Klepas book. Yes, I hear all your gasps, and the funny thing is I have a few of her books in my Kindle. Go figure. Okay, the secret is out of the bag now we can proceed with my thoughts.

Actually, it's an amazing opportunity I have to check this book out, and at the same time scary. Here's why: THE HYPE. There can so much pressure going on with this book. Fortunately, I fell in love with the characters and the story. Cold-Hearted Rake is a well balanced book filled with characters you will grow and love. Let's meet the characters:

Devon Ravenel: Everything was going smashingly until he inherited a crumbling earldom. He was about to cut his lost and move on. Yes, it's explain how he could cut his lost and get out. Anyway, he goes through quite bit of change throughout the story. He's still a rake, but he starts to assume the mantle of responsibility.

Kathleen: Lady Trenear. She's the widow of the late earl. She's worry about the new earl casting them all out. She's getting ready to expect the worst. There are quite of few battles between her and Devon. She tries to show Devon he needs to care for all the tenants and the land. Not an easy task since Devon is use to carrying for himself.

So, we get to know the main characters and how they influence are minds. These two were absolutely fun between their banter. At times they seem to bring out the worst in one another, but that's all sexual tension. Then we need to meet the secondary characters that will eventually lead to future stories.

The Twins Pandora and Cassandra: These two will be fun to watch, because they are a handful in the story. They will be spirited young women by the time we get to them.

West Ravenel: Brother to Devon. He goes through a major change in the book. I love West, after all he has to act as mediator between Devon and Kathleen.

Helen: The younger sister of the late earl and sister to Pandora and Cassandra. She's meek, quite, and another peacekeeper between Devon and Kathleen. Not as much as West, but she tries to defuse situations. I'm curious how her book will play out. I guess I will be learning patience this year. ;D

Overall, Cold-Hearted Rake is a fantastic story for Lisa to make her return to the historical romance a triumph. The characters will capture your heart and will get you anxious to see what happens to the Ravenel family and how they will be able to conquer the challenges that will lie ahead. Fall in love with Devon and Kathleen's battles. After all one is a rake and the other is proper, and they always make the best stories.

Copy provided by Avon

5 Stars

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