Wednesday, May 14, 2014

One Lucky Night (Anthology)

I got a chance to read One Lucky Night, which centers around the Brazen  Head Pub. So, here's a little recap of my thoughts on each of the stories:

Lucky Break
Aria Kane

I enjoyed this story. In this story you find former lovers, Andrea Price and Derek Chase. However, Derek walked out of her life, because of the family wishes. Yet, Derek gets a second chance with Andrea. What I really liked about this story is Derek realizing he made mistake and wants to fix the mistake.

Lucky Star
Grace Teague

In this story we find two friends. Charlotte Price has been in love with her good friend, Tommy Leung, forever. However, she's been afraid to tell him her feelings. Yet, she finds the courage which kind of rocks the boat a little. Overall, I enjoyed this friends to lovers story.

A New Tune 
Ana Blaze

I have to say I got a chuckle out of this story. You have Holly Hall and Cian O'Neil who are hot for one another. If they ever got together they might combust. Anyway, Holly has this fear about getting with Cian, of course it stems from past relationship. Seriously, the story was great, because these two characters go head to head. I love Cian cause he just so sweet and understanding. Really liked this story.

Lexi's Chance
Constance Phillips

Yep, liked this story too. In the story we have Sean Whelan and Lexi. Now Sean has had a crush on Lexi, but she keeps shooting him down cause she doesn't believe he's sincere. Yea, he's a flirt with every girl at the bar, but he has his eyes on one girl. So, he lets his guard down so Lexi could see the sweet Sean. Sean is actually a great guy once he lets the shield down.

Drink or Dare 
Melinda Dozier

The last story. This one features Killian Whelan and Rachel Robertson. Now these two have been competing against each other while at school. Each one trying to get the higher score in the paramedics program. However, they see each other in a different light when they let there hair down. This one was another fun read cause Killian is stuck wearing a kilt and Rachel is at a bachelorette party and has to do some dares. Things get a bit interesting with these two.

Overall, as a whole One Lucky Night is quite entertaining. All the stories center around the Brazen Head Pub. Each of the stories work well together and you can see that ladies work together to form this anthology, because you will see characters in each of there stories. Yet, each story focus on the a certain couple the author is writing about. The anthology has one character that stands out as the guide to help them find there love. You get the feeling he's kind of a ghost or a guardian angel, but you don't really know. He's just there to each of them out. Yes, I enjoyed each of the stories. Each couple gets there a hot night with the person they are pining for. You will find a little magic in each of the stories.

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