Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Baby, It's You by Jane Graves

When I first read the synopsis of Baby, It's You by Jane Graves, the first thought that popped in my mind was "MUST READ." I have a soft spot for runaway brides. Usually, runaway bride stories tend to be fun and this was a fun read.

Now Kari Worthington felt at the last moment that marrying the guy her dad chose was a bad a idea, so the next best thing was to get out of town. Once she arrives to Rainbow Valley her life takes a dramatic toll. She finds herself in a crappy situation and the only advice she gets is to return back to Houston by Marco Cordero. Now Marc senses that his life his going to get turned upside-down by this little red head.

Marc is on the verge of experiencing freedom that he has been waiting 18 years for. So, when Kari steps on his porch he smells trouble. His natural tendency is to help those who are weak and in need, but he's a bit stubborn. I mean he has this plan to travel, take life as it comes, and to experience things he missed out when he was younger. After all, at the age of 17 he had his dreams put on hold to raise his daughter and his siblings, so he has been waiting a long time.

I thought Baby, It's You quite entertaining. Here's why: You have Kari who's a bit of a free spirit and kind of lives in the moment, then you have Marc who takes his life seriously. Marc is so wound up tight that when his plans get a little eschew he freaks out. I liked the story, but some might find the story predictable. Yes, there are some parts that I predicted would happen, but it didn't change my feelings about the story. I found myself laughing and crying throughout the book. So, if you are looking for a runaway bride and a white knight kind of story, you might give Baby, It's You a go.

On a side note, this is a book two, but can be read as a standalone, because the story focuses more on Kari and Marc's relationship.

Copy provided by Forever Romance via NetGalley


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