Friday, May 23, 2014

Catching Cameron by Julie Brannagn

So, this is my first time reading A Love and Football novel by Julie Brannagh. I do have have own A Love and Football novel, I just haven't gotten to it. However, I plan to rectify the situation (one day). That's okay, because I read Catching Cameron yesterday. I have to say that I did enjoyed the story. Whats not to love I mean the hero is a football player, who doesn't love a football player?

Anyway, Catching Cameron is a second chance love stories. I give up saying that they are my least favorite trope, because every time I find a new one I find myself enjoying the story. Back to my thoughts. Ten years ago Cameron Ondine and Zach Anderson got married in Vegas. Then Zach basically annual the marriage and never gave a reason why. So, Cameron has been holding a grudge on Zach. Ten years is along time to hold a grudge. They see each other again and basically Cameron just goes off on him in an unprofessional way. She ends up on assignment at the Sharks training camp. While there Cameron and Zach resolve what happen ten years ago and try to rectify the huge misunderstanding that ensued.

I personally liked the story, because it's more than just a second chance love story. You have a meddling father who wants his daughter to marry someone like him and bring more power to family. While Cameron just wants to live her life on her terms. Then you have two people that blame each other for what happen in Vegas, and believed it was the other persons fault. However, when they get reacquainted they realize that there was more that played into the situation.

Overall, I enjoyed the two characters, because they had grown up since there first attempt at love. When they first new each other they both had issues. For instances, Zach was concern for his family and wanted to make sure nothing happen to them and Cameron hadn't learn to standup for herself. They both had to learn to trust one another, because of what happen in the past. By the end of the story, I was happy with the end results. So, if you like football and second chance romance, this might be a read for you.

Copy provided by Avon via Edelweiss (I also purchased a copy)


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