Thursday, October 25, 2012

Never Been Bit by Lydia Dare

Out of all the Lydia Dare books this is my second favorite one, but my favorite when it comes to Gentleman Vampire series. I absolutely loved this story, so without further ado here's Never Been Bit and what makes it so great.

Every since we were first introduce to Sorcha Ferguson, in Tall, Dark and Wolfish she has always been described as a wood sprite. Which is fitting since she's the witch that has the power to work with plants. I know you're thinking, what's so great about that? Just ask a couple of her recipients of the damage that can be done. Overall, she's a sweet, kind and caring witch that is sensitive to everyones needs. One can say that she is soft hearted. Ever since she's met a couple of her fellow witch's husband that were Lycan, Sorcha has set out to capture one of her own. After all she has no problem with there drool and tails.

Now Alec MacQuarrie tends to have a grim out look on life since becoming a vampire. Alec has no desire to socialize with proper society since he lost Caitrin Macleod to a mangy flea-bag (his words not mine). Yet, somehow he's invited to the Duchess of Hythe. Once he arrives he hears what Sorcha has plan. Let's just say he wasn't too please to hear that. So, Alec sets out to stop her from making the biggest mistake of her life.

As I said at the beginning I love this book, and I think a lot of it has to do with the previous books. I mean you watch Sorcha grow so much in the previous stories. Granted they're not focus on her, but she's always in the background. Plus, she has so much love for everyone, you cannot help but love her. I love how she can look at Alec and see more than just a vampire.

So, you know where I stand on this book: LOVED IT! I mean, I laughed and I cried. Overall great book. Seriously, worth the read. Especially, when you have a dark vampire and a sunny witch. I mean opposites attract and they certainly do in this story. So, go out and have some fun while you read.



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