Monday, October 29, 2012

ARC: Wicked Nights with a Proper Lady by Tiffany Clare

YAY! I made it. I was a little afraid I wasn't going to get this read before tomorrow. However, I have manage, and now doing a happy dance. Anyways, I'm super excited to share the latest read I read, which is Wicked Nights with a Proper Lady by Tiffany Clare. I'm so excited that I got a chance to read this book and I would like to share the story and why I loved it.

First off,  it's always fun to read the start of a new series and this one is sure going to sizzle. Granted the start of the book is pretty much laying out the ground work for the other stories, so there is more to come. YAY!

At the beginning, you meet the three dangerous rogues: Leoniadas Harrow, the Earl of Barrington, Tristan, the Marquess of Castleigh, and Hayden, the Duke of Alsborough. Attending the funeral of the Earl of Fallon, mainly for moral support for the Countess of Fallon, Jez to them. And there is no question that Jez needs moral support, especially after the bastard that was her husband left her nothing. How you like that?

Never good to do something like that. It's just the making of a disaster for someone and whoever is caught along the path. So, Jez comes up with a plan to try to break a possible marriage between Mr. Warren (who is the future Earl of Fallon) to Lady Charlotte Lindsay (who is the daughter of Lord Ponsley).  Jez doesn't want this alliance to happen, so she ask the help of her buddies Leo, Tristan and Hayden to foil the plan. What better way to do that than to compromise the girl?

Nothing ever goes according to plan especially when there is a delectable chaperone. Genevieve Camden knows all about rogues and the damage they can do. After all she fell in love with one and hasn't quite recover from the past. However, Leo sees a second chance to regain his first love and help Jez out. What can go wrong?

Oh my gosh, what a fabulous read. Once I started the book, I couldn't quite put it down, but I had to for things that had to be down. I mean the story had me aching for more as I read the book. First off, LOVE LEO! Once you get to know the rogue, you think he's not so bad. He's loyal to his friends and he is willing to try to get all he wants in life. Nothing wrong with that. Genny tries to please her family and basically jumps through hoops for them. I mean she's amazing. Another thing I loved from the book was the blurbs from The Mayfair Chronicles. You gotta love scandal sheets and I hope Ms. Clare continues those blurbs in her next book.

Overall, a sizzling read that I couldn't get enough of and I can't wait to see what happens in the next book. I mean with the set up to move into the next story it has you craving to see what happens next. So, now I just need to wait until the end of April. Ack! I have to so long, well I'm not alone in that. So, I leave to today and I hope you check this sizzling read, Wicked Nights with a Proper Lady.

Happy reading.

ARC provided by the author



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