Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wild With You by Sara Jane Stone (Review)

I was excited when I found Wild With You by Sara Jane Stone in my inbox. I was so excited that I found myself doing a little happy dance. Anyway, I found it as enjoyable read. So, now Brody gets to find his love.

So, we see Brody as this reliable, responsible, caring person. Plus, he puts a lot on his shoulders. When he meets this hot woman at the hotel he has to take a chance. What's the likelihood of seeing her again. Then we have Kat who grew up in Independence Fall, but was in the foster system. She vowed to never come back, but now she's back there to help Brody's younger brother with his brain injury. Before she reveals herself, she wants one wild night with Brody after all he has been her long time crush.

I liked this story, because Kat doesn't know who to trust anyone. So, as she gets closer to Brody she tends to get scared, because of old insecurities. I can understand why she lied by omission. No one likes to be rejected, especially when your use to be rejected as a child. The more Kat opened up, I felt a sense of pity. Granted she tries so hard to keep pity at bay. Then we add Brody to mix, granted he was the responsible one to help his siblings he still had family. In sense, he wants to give what Kat never had, and that scares her. I have to say that was sweet of him.

Okay, Wild With You is one hot wild ride. Yes, there are some pretty hot scenes with a little kink. Not over the top, but enough spice. Of course, there is an emotional roller coaster here and there, I wouldn't expect anything less, after all Kat is still trying make herself feel that she matters. Emotionally, we are going everywhere from hot steamy to sappy sweet. It's always sad to see an end to series, but glad to see everyone on their way to happiness. So, you want so panty melting moments with a dash of sweet, you might give Wild With You a go.

Copy provided by Avon via Edelweiss.

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