Friday, April 24, 2015

Kiss the Earl by Gina Lamm (Review)

I was able to finish Kiss the Earl by Gina Lamm. It's kind of sad, because we will be leaving this series, which I have found cute and fun. We have arrived to Jamie's last friend, Ella Briley who loves super hero in comics, but hasn't found that someone special. Patrick Meadowfair, Earl of Fairhaven, is a stick in the mud kind of guy, but he will do whatever it takes to protect a friend. Seriously, he does. By the way he's in the 1800s.

Like the previous stories, Mrs. Knightsbridge sends the girl (Ella) into the past and she encounters her future love. Okay, it doesn't automatically happen. What happens is Ella gets mistaken as someone else and gets kidnapped by Patrick. We need to backup a little. Patrick has this childhood friend who is always getting him in trouble. Well, she fell in love with a vicar and wants to marry him, but her father feels it's an unsuitable match. Amelia comes up with a hair brain idea: Patrick is to kidnap her take her off to Gretna Green, and her vicar would be there to save her and marry her to save her reputation. Sounds like the perfect plan if Patrick was a rake, which he's not. He's more like a stick-n-the-mud type of guy. He proves that time and time again through the story.

Basically, Ella believes she's been sent back to find her true love, but finds an honor bound guy who needs to rescue his friend from her stupidity. Amelia isn't my favorite character, because she's a selfish person who was only thinking about herself. You don't see her much in the story, but she's the focus of madcap adventure. As the story progress, Ella and Patrick start falling for one another, but there is that one obstacle, Amelia. Ella believes Patrick is in love with Amelia, so see that her little heart gets crush. So, there is a bit of misunderstanding on Ella's part, but Patrick doesn't clear that up.

Overall, Kiss the Earl is a cute story. A lot of the story takes place on the run trying to find Amelia. Even by the end, Amelia is still isn't my favorite character, because she still doesn't learn her lesson and something bad happens to Ella. However, Ella and Patrick find their happy ending; just takes a little effort.

Copy provided by Sourcebooks via NetGalley

Rating 3 1/2 Stars

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