Saturday, April 4, 2015

Dirty Beautiful Rich (Part 4) by Eva Devon (Review)

So, we are tugging along in Eva Devon's Dirty Beautiful Rich serial; now we are at part four. Okay, the last time we left off Damian fled the scene and couldn't handle the emotions that have been building, which left Julie in Ireland with his family, alone. *Head shake* However, you gotta give her props for not fleeing the scene and heading back to America, she decides to stick it out and do her job. *Around of applause*

So, in this part we see Julie working hard, but Damian's grandmother decides she needs to have fun so she sends for Julie's friends. How sweet. Damian can't seem to let go decides he needs to see Julie. This describes Damian's feelings the best:
She was heroin and there was no way he could go another day without a fix. His period  of abstinence was about to end. Falling off the wagon, was going to be tortuously sweet. And there was no point in denying it. 
However, there is one problem Julie has decided that she was done letting life happen to her. She has decided to grab the bull by the balls. This might not bode well for Damian. In this part, we learn why he keeps himself emotionally distant. The mystery is reveal, which is sad. Oh goodness, now I crave part 5 like an addict needs fix. I hope I don't have to wait too long for the next part.

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4 Stars

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