Monday, March 10, 2014

Drive Me Crazy by Tracy Wolff

When I started Drive Me Crazy by Tracy Wolff, I was curious to see if I would like the story. I read the book blurb and thought "this should be interesting". Boy I'm so glad  I got an opportunity to read this book, because now I need to add it to my collection.

Drive Me Crazy was pretty awesome. I love the relationship between Quinn Bradford and Elise McKinney. When they were younger they use to rivals, but you know how rivals can turn into something more. Then one day Quinn disappears from the face of the earth which worry Elise. We jump ahead 10 years later when Elise and Quinn meet again. Now Elise doesn't have anyone and Quinn wants to help take care her after the accident.

Seriously, fun read. I couldn't stop laughing at some of the pranks they pulled on each. However, I think Elise did the most fantastic prank in the world. I still get a chuckle over the Twinkie incident. The book is worth getting for that one chapter; I had tears streaming down my face.

Other than the pranks Elise and Quinn have a pretty hot relationship. However, Quinn is afraid to pursue the relationship, because of incident that happen 10 years ago. The incident is the reason he kept his distance from Elise. Yet the more time he's around Elise, the more he realizes he needs her in his life. However, we can't have it go all smoothly and perfectly. What fun would that be if everything happen perfectly? We end up having band drama, which in around about way effects Quinn and Elise's relationship.

Overall, Drive Me Crazy is one hot fun read. You have your steam and laughs, and I can't wait for more. Drive Me Crazy will have you begging for more of the Shaken Dirty. So, if you are looking for some hot scenes with some crazy pranks, you might consider Drive Me Crazy a try.

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