Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Dark Affair by Máire Claremont

When I started The Dark Affair I was trying to remember if Powers was locked up at the end of Lady in Red. Fortunately, the my question was answered before I had to look it up. So, I might as well share my thoughts on Máire Claremont's latest release The Dark Affair.

We actually meet Lord James Stanhope, Viscount Powers, back in Lady in Red. He helped Mary with her addiction to opium and he kind of hope that she would choose him over his best friend. As you can tell she didn't and basically Powers overindulge. So, we start the story with him being locked up. Powers uses opium to escape the past and doesn't want to feel life. However, he really doesn't have a choice of that matter cause his father would love to see him better. Power's father enlists the help of a fiery Irish lass by the name of Lady Margaret Cassidy. This truly surprises Powers, because there's a lot of tension going on between the English and Irish at this time. For his dad to ask help of a woman to help his son is a huge step, especially the woman is also Irish.

Powers is an interesting character as a damage hero. He truly blames himself for the death of his wife and child. As you dive more into the story, you learn more about his wife and actually a lot is explain by her actions. You come to understand why Powers would rather choose oblivion over dealing with his feelings and coming to terms.

Margaret, as I said is a fiery Irish lass, who stands her ground when it comes to Powers. She truly wants to help and it stems from of course the past. However, there is more to her character than trying to help Powers, she also wants to help her brother. So, she sacrifices her freedom to save him. Yet, he sees it as selling her soul to the English Devil.

Absolutely beautiful story. You see how far the human spirit can fall and somehow get back to the will to live again. I love how Margaret and Powers help each other to overcome their past. Margaret comes from tragedy and finds the will to live even when life is willing to knock her down. Margaret could have given up at anytime, but she's a fighter. With her fighter spirit, she was able to help Powers realize he's a fighter too.

The Dark Affair isn't your typical historical romance. The hero is a druggie who rather drown his sorrows in opium, but I guess it's no difference from drowning sorrows with booze. However, it's not something you normally read. You also have the heroine being Irish. I know it's not a big deal, but it is when you have a conflict between these to areas. Basically, a wonderful story that has you captivated from page one. So, if you have been wanting something like The Dark Affair, I loved the story. Who knows you might enjoy it too.

Favorite Quote:
'"Luckily, I've secured my place with the angels and have no fear of dying." Her chest lifted up and down in quick breaths, her corseted breasts pressing against the imprisoning fabric of her bodice, defying the calmness of her unafraid... and intrigued. "You, on the other hand, seem bound for hell's gate."'

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