Monday, March 24, 2014

The Rancher's Second Chance by Victoria James

Yesterday, I finished The Rancher's Second Chance by Victoria James which is the second installment to Passion Creek books. However, you need not worry about reading the first book Reforming the Playboy, because both of these stories are standalone. Honestly, they are their own stories that take place in Passion Creek. Enough about that let me get on with my thoughts on The Rancher's Second Chance.

Melanie Simms has had a crush on her best friend's brother forever. She figure that she would just admire him from afar. Now Cole Forrester never thought he would love again, after all he had the love of his life and she passed away. He never thought he would have feelings for another woman, but Melanie seems to stir something deep inside him.

I love Victoria's writing, because you will always find some great lines. For example:
"Cole Forrester was more appetizing than a triple-layer chocolate cake infused with rum and dripping with icing."
 Who doesn't want a hero that is better than a triple-layer chocolate cake. However, Cole is kind of set in his ways. He has no problem staying single. However, the rest of his family and friend's have other ideas. I love how Mrs. Harris kind of plays matchmaker for these two and I think she enlisted the help of Cole's best friend Gage. However, that was never proven.

Anyway, Cole has always seen Melanie as some rich socialite who wouldn't know how to handle hard work. Of course, his preconceive ideas slowly fly out the window when he starts to see Mel in a new light. Yes, Cole starts to realize he's attractive to Mel, but is afraid to move on. Plus, Mel brings family complication Cole doesn't realize they are there until more information is reveal. Cole is face with the challenge of building a life with Mel or expanding his company. I know tough choices ahead for Cole.

Seriously, Victoria seems to to be able make a story come to life with her words. I love her stories, because they make you feel so much more. I'm always anxiously waiting for her next book to come out. So, if you are looking for fantastic read, you might give The Rancher's Second Chance a try. After all the story is about second chance of love even after they had love once.

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