Monday, March 10, 2014

Stealing the Groom by Sonya Weiss

Looking for that cute sweet story, Stealing the Groom by Sonya Weiss is that story. We have Chad Walker and Amelia Snyder who have been best friends forever. Amelia hears that Chad is going to marry the ultimate mean girl, so she decides to intervene. Basically, Amelia goes in to rescue the groom from the biggest mistake of his life. However, Chad isn't too happy with Amelia half-cocked idea. He's willing to go along with her plan, but along the way it gets messed up badly.

Chad has vowed he never wanted love in his life, because of his parents disastrous relationship. So, when his grandpa was trying to force him to find a wife, he decides to make an arrangement with the mean girl. Which causes Amelia to snowball into her crazy plan. Plus, it didn't help that they have meddlesome grandparents.

Anyway, an adorable read. We have two polar opposites needing to come together because two crazy grandparents. Both of them fighting love, but of course we know love conquers all. However, with a marriage of convenience story line, you wonder how and when they are going to fall? Will they fight to keep the love or try to wash it under the rug. So, if you are looking for a cute read that has a marriage of convenience theme, you might try Stealing the Groom.

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