Saturday, March 22, 2014

Night of Pleasure by Delilah Marvelle

A few days ago I finished Night of Pleasure by Delilah Marvelle. I did enjoyed the story, because it's a different take on an arrange marriage. Most of the time when you read a story that has a arrange marriage the hero and heroine go through the emotion of the marriage and you watch the progress of the marriage.

In Night of Pleasure you find one excited groom, Derek Charles Holbrook, Viscount Banfield, who can't wait to marry his intended. Then you find the reluctant bride, Miss Clementine Henrietta Grey, who will try anything to get out of the marriage. Even talk the Prince of Persia to taking her away from her intended husband.

Yes, it's normal to have reluctancy in one of the members of the party. However, Clementine goes to extreme lengths to get out of the marriage. I felt horrible for Derek. I mean he was a good guy and really sweet. He could have been out carousing, but stayed devoted to Clementine. At times I was angry with Clementine's caviler behavior. On a whole she was selfish, and yes she had her reasons for being that way. She did try to talk to Derek about her feelings, but like most men who haven't much experience in sex he had one thing on his mind. Yes, that makes communication a challenge.

Most of the book Clementine is drives me nuts, because she's unwilling to work with Derek. Yeah, Derek could have been more understanding. Yet at the same time, they had seven years to get to know each other through letters and she withheld her feelings from Derek. However, towards the end I tolerated Clementine. I did like the sweet caring guy, and I felt that he got a bad rap towards the end. Yet, I was satisfied with the story. Yes, there are some awkward moments, but I enjoyed the different take on the whole arrange marriage. Overall, an enjoyable read.

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