Monday, July 10, 2017

Lost and Found Sister by Jill Shalvis (Review)

The past couple of days I have been reading Lost and Found Sisters by Jill Shalvis. I have to say that it was pretty good. Jill is known for her light fun small town romance. Now Lost and Found Sisters is a little different from her normal stuff, but still pretty good. We meet Quinn Weller who comes to find out that her life isn't what it seems. Throughout most of the story she has been living in a fog since her sister died. Now she has found out she's adopted and her birth mother left stuff behind. Now she needs to decided how to proceed. Basically she's at a crossroads, does she decided to live life in a fog or decided to take a chance a see what could happen with this new life.

The new life come with a new challenge, like baby sister. So, she needs to tread on this landmine carefully, because teenagers can be volatile and unstable at times. She also meets a new guy that kind of rev her juices. Not an easy choice.

Overall, Lost and Found Sisters is a pretty good story. The title is absolutely perfect, because Quinn does lose a sister and comes to find a new one. Like I said she's waking up from a fog through the story, and it isn't easy for her. Quinn struggles with deciding to stick with the status quo or stretch herself. I like that she struggles with the story, but she does have a little help who cares. Some people may think she's crazy, but hey whatever helps. Lost and Found Sisters is a pretty good read for a book club selection. You have a variety of themes that can be discuss. I would definitely recommend for a book club selection kind of read.

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