Friday, July 21, 2017

A Scandalous Vow by Ava Stone

When I started A Scandalous Vow, I was a bit conflicted the story premise. Granted the story has been in the making for sometime, but how it would happen always boggled my mind. I mean Lady Staveley was a happy married woman, but an unfortunate event occurred, her husband was killed. My blood thirsty side would have liked to be a little more gruesome, but it wasn't. I wasn't overly attached to David. He wasn't a character that really stood out in the stories, he was steady, stoic, constant. Yes, I struggle with the idea of Caroline without David, and I know I shouldn't have worry about her getting with Marcus. However, there was that worry. I even had a campaign to keep David alive, but as you can see it didn't workout she has a second happy ending of her choosing. Actually, Caroline and Marcus ended up with a happy ending of their choosing. This was my thought process before even starting A Scandalous Vow, now you get to see where it went after reading the books. Here we go:

Caroline has gone through the morning process, so in A Scandalous Vow we jumped into what she's going to do after David. Now she's given more freedom now that she's a widow, so she decides to take a chance with her feelings with Marcus. Of course, Marcus isn't going to say no to her, after all he's had feelings for her for sometime. So, we see a relationship starting between these two, but there's something nefarious going on at the same time. Who knew that the scoundrel had a decent bone in his body, but Marcus would do anything for Caroline and her family.

I'm happy to say that I liked A Scandalous Vow. I honestly was scared to read this book. When I actually got an early copy, I looked at the book, and trying to decided when I should really dive into the story. Granted I know that David wasn't coming back, because I read the death, and still in shock. In a way reconcile that Caroline was still young enough to have another love; yes, it was hard. To actually see to characters that you love, but not sure if you are going to love together. Ava did a pretty good job with bringing these two together who are loved for their own ways, and creates story to unite them as power couple. Each of them has their own power and would be an asset to navigate the ton. I think they should probably be afraid of these two. Anyway. Definitely pleased on how well A Scandalous Vow turned out, and yes, I was scared for nothing. So, if you have been a fan of Ava's book and have been following her stories for sometime, I don't think you will be disappointed with Caroline and Marcus story.

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