Sunday, July 30, 2017

Falling for His Mate by Savannah Stuart (Review)

Technically, Falling for His Mate is a second chance romance, but honestly I don't really consider it. However, some may see this story as a second chance romance. Really, they have been apart for six weeks, Andrew realize he was a being a moron. Now he's going to fight for Charlie. He decides to be the exchange shifter with to the her pack and try to gain forgiveness. Pretty straightforward. Charlie's is pissed and hurt, but part of her has never really let go of him. Shifters.

All right, Falling for His Mate is super quick read with a little action towards the end. The story is pretty cut and dry, with Andrew trying to prove to Charlie he's the wolf for her. So, if you are in need a quick romance to give you a little pickup and a side of suspence. Seriously, it's a side, the romance is the main course. You have found yourself a winner in Falling for His Mate. There's more to the story, but it's quick.

Copy provided by author.

4 Stars

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