Monday, July 24, 2017

Character Interview: Marcus Gray from A Scandalous Vow by Ava Stone

I would like you all to meet the elusive Marquess of Haversham, Marcus Gray, who is able to dance around any question without giving any real answer. Welcome my Lord! Please have a seat. It’s a pleasure to invite my second favorite scoundrel.

If you’re referring to Kelfield, he has not been a scoundrel in quite a while.

Technically, he was a scoundrel when I first met him, and he was quite dastardly, but I’m sorry to say that you would have to be second to him. Seriously, Alex is such a delight.

He’s a loyal and devoted friend, to be sure, one of the best I have. Though, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone call him a “delight” before. And now, I’m quite certain he’ll never live that down.

Hey, leave Alex alone. I see what you’re doing, and I can guarantee it won’t work on me, my lord. You can ask Captain Avery, but I don’t think you even talk with him. So, you better not try to evade my question, sir.

Avery is in Ireland. It would be rather difficult to have a conversation with the man. Besides, all things being equal, he and his brothers are not exactly my favorite conversationalists. All that righteous indignation is quite tedious all the time.  

*Laughing* I bet a psychologist would have a field day with how your mind operates. Let’s dive into the heart of the matter. I would like to start off with how in the world did you ever become friends with Caroline? Seriously, that baffles my mind. I never really thought to consider you guys friends.

Caroline and I became rather good friends while we were in the midst of aiding the Clayworths several years ago. It would be quite impossible for anyone not to consider her a friend, not if they know her well. A more loving and selfless creature does not exist. To know her is to love her.

You have to admit that you’re not the easiest person to become friends with. Which brings up another question how did you Luke and Kelfield became your friends. I can understand you and Kelfield, but the Luke one throws me.

*Chuckles* Indeed? Luke Beckford and I have been friends since our boyhood days at Eton. He was quite the scoundrel before he married that icy wife of his. Though I perhaps I shouldn’t call Lady Juliet icy anymore. I think I’m finally growing on her.

*Snickers* Of course he’s been known to keep unsavory characters around according to Juliet. Marcus, I think you kind of grow on everyone in one way or another. Let’s be honest you do have a decent bone in your body. I know it’s there. So, how did you get all mixed up in the Home Office?

Most people make foolish mistakes in their youth.

Really, you’re going to be all evasive; right now?  Were you recruited? Or did you have desire to join the war efforts? I don’t see you doing this for altruistic purpose.

I’m certain you wouldn’t even recognize the young man I once was. Are you the same lady you were at eighteen? All of us become who we are based on the lives and experiences we’ve lived. But to avoid being accused of evasiveness, when I was at Oxford, I was recruited by a fellow I greatly admired.

Actually, I’m pretty much the same person, a little smarter.  Now at 15, I was a totally different person. Come on, you have mastered the art of dancing around a question. I’ve seen it done. Thank you for answering the question. Do you still admire this fellow?

I’m sure if he was still alive, I would.

Don’t worry we are almost done here. Since you are still friends with Alex, has Livvie softened up to you now that you are married to her cousin, because I would like to know if I should prepare for the four horsemen of the apocalypse? 

Where Her Grace is concerned, it is always wise to keep a look out on the horizon, just to be safe.  If only Olivia Kelfield could be bought off with lavender drops… Alas, such is life.

*LOL* But at this moment I don’t have to worry about them coming *winks*.  Marcus, I must say that this has been an interesting conversation. I thank you for coming out this far. I do hope we have another chance to visit again. Is there anything else you like to add, before you leave?

It has been an honor speaking with you today, Melody. I am quite busy these days making certain my step-daughter is safe. If you happen to spot her in the company of a fellow in a black domino, brandishing a dagger, I do hope you will not delay in sending for me.

I have a suggestion, but I don’t think Caroline will go for it. You could always send Rachel to her Uncle Robert’s and let him arrange a marriage with a nice country squire. Otherwise, I will keep an eye out for the girl, and send a message right away if I see her. While we are at it, if you could gather more information on Peasemore, I would greatly appreciate it. I’m not sure if I should like the guy or not.

Whether or not you like Peasemore is entirely up to you. For better or worse, the jackass reminds me of myself when I first joined the Home Office – arrogant and quite certain that I was on the side of right. But life is rarely black and white when you surround yourself constantly with murderers, thugs, and conspirators; and it affects your perception of the world and who you are at your core. You find yourself doing things you never could have imagined doing, and the slope gets more slippery from there. For Peasemore’s sake, I hope he finds his way out sooner than I did.

There you guys have it, Marcus Gray. Now if any of you have question for the Marquess of Haversham, I'm sure he will be willing-ish to answer the question. Again I would like to thank him for taking time out of his business schedule. 

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