Monday, January 25, 2016

TLC Book Tours Guest Post + Giveaway: Night Hawk by Lindsay McKenna

Bestselling Author Lindsay McKenna Shares a #Shelfie!

Be sure to check out her latest release, NIGHT HAWK, available NOW!

Every writer has a bookshelf.  I have several.  Some are in my office.  Some are in my second office.  Some are in another building where I have most of my older books stored safely.

If you look closely at the photos, you’ll see a lot of unexpected titles.  Many of them are on medical area because I was a registered EMT, Emergency Medical Technician, in the state of Arizona from 1996-2000.  And part of remaining current in that field, I was constantly reading a lot of manuals on a lot of medical topics.  I keep them all because very frequently, I’ll put medical info into one of my books and I go back to these books to double check my info before writing about it. Whenever I write about anything medical, it comes from reliable and up-to-date sources because I never want to “fictionalize” medicine or emergency medicine to a reader.

         I have one shelf of nothing but English, another full of language dictionary’s.  Wherever I set a book, and if the primary or secondary character is from another country other than English speaking ones, then I need the bilingual dictionary to help me out.

        Another shelf in my bookcase has what I call “slang” books.  Ever notice if you’ve driven across the USA that different regions have different sayings?  Not to mention, how they speak a word?  Any time I drive through a state, I break at a truck stop and go through their paperback rack, looking for local sayings, slang or other quaint stories. 

After losing his comrade, Sergeant Gil Hanford thought a visit to the man's widow would be the decent way to honor his late friend. But Gil found more than comfort in Kai Tiernan—he had always secretly desired beautiful Kai, but a sudden, mutual passion helped assuage their grief…until duty reared its head, removing him from her arms, seemingly forever.

Four years later, Kai is starting over at the Triple H Ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Born a rancher, she is looking for a new beginning—but her new boss is unforgivably familiar. Kai has tried to move past the memory of what happened between her and Gil, even though she's never forgiven him for leaving her. But even as they begin their journey toward something new and oh-so-uncertain, a shadow emerges, determined to claim Kai for itself.

Praise for NIGHT HAWK:

"Lindsay McKenna has penned another great romance in NIGHT HAWK...Ms. McKenna is a master of the military romance genre." –Fresh Fiction

"Fans of McKenna will not be disappointed in her latest passion-infused love story." –RT Book Reviews

"Good plot, likable characters.  Some new ones and plenty of older ones from previous books.  Lots of drama, mystery and romance." –

About the author

Lindsay McKenna is proud to have served her country in the US Navy as an aerographer’s mate third class—also known as a weather forecaster. She was the creator of the military romance subgenre and loves to combine heart-pounding action with soulful and poignant romance.

True to her military roots, she is the originator of the long-running and reader-favorite Morgan’s Mercenaries series. She does extensive hands-on research, including flying in aircraft such as a P-3B Orion sub-hunter and a B-52 bomber. She was the first romance writer to sign her books in the Pentagon bookstore.

Today, she has created a new military romance−suspense series, Shadow Warriors,
which features romantic and action-packed tales about US Navy SEALs. Visit her online at, and

Each person on the tour is giving away one finished copy of another Lindsay McKenna book, WOLF HAVEN (US/Canada).  For my blog all you have to all you have to leave a comment, name, and email. What does it your shelves look like?

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