Saturday, January 23, 2016

Audiobook: Then Came You by Jill Shalvis (Review)

I love Jill's stories, and I adore her Animal Magnetism books. Plus, Karen White does an amazing job with reading these books. However, I struggle with Then Came You. My problem stemmed from Emily. Don't get me wrong she's a sweet kind girl, but there is only so much I'm counting down until I get the hell out of here before you want to hurt a person. I should be more sympathetic towards Emily, because I was like her when I first moved to Montana. I guess I can start to see why it's annoying. It just seem like every five minutes she was telling Wyatt or anyone else that she's getting out of there once her year of torture was up. That got on my nerves.

Basically, Emily gets a internship in Sunshine and she was hoping for LA instead. I can understand that I mean glitz and glam, and chance to meet a celebrity while helping their pooch. However, that wasn't in her cards, nope she gets stuck in Sunshine. The best part was when she comes across Wyatt, who happen to be a one night stand in Reno at a Veterinarian Conference. I loved that she accused him of stalking her. Priceless. Anyway, they make everything clear that what happen in Reno stays in Reno, but I always thought it was Vegas. However, their attractions have other plans and they basically get together, but not really. They are just having fun, after all she's leaving at the end of her year so why bother making it more than fun.

My problem with Emily was she wanted Wyatt to open up to her, but she kept saying she was leaving at end of her year. Now, I have no problem with wanting to leave, I completely understand after all I'm a California girl too, and we Southern Cal's tend think it's the best part of the state. We are a hard headed breed. I can understand why Wyatt didn't want to open completely up to Emily, because she had automatically started put an end date in place why bother getting to know a person if you there's an expiration date. I totally get that Emily felt the need to take care of family, but it was time for her let go and see what happens. It's hard for an enabler to let go and let the others make their own mistakes, but Emily was hurting herself too. She didn't see that most of the time, I'm glad her sister put in perspective. However, Emily being hardheaded, it took a few times.

Now Wyatt. Oh my gosh, love the guy. He was so sweet and carrying, and absolutely yummy. He was hot nerd who loves animals. The reason I love him so much was he never wanted to take anyone's choice away, which stems from how he grew up. His parents were ambassadors and they would end up moving all the time, which he never got a say. He didn't want to take away someone else choice. This infuriated Emily, because she thought knowing what was right and telling the person they should do the right thing was the right thing to do. This was hard for Emily to learn; that whole being an enabler conflicts with giving others a choice.

Overall, Then Came You still has that light fun you will find in other Jill Shalvis books. Yes, I struggle with Emily throughout the book. Seriously, I wanted to smack her upside the head more than once. Adore Wyatt. He's the it guy. The man had patience to put up with Emily's "I'm leaving in a year." I can't wait to see what happens with Wyatt's sisters. Karen does an amazing job with the characters in Then Came You.

3 1/2 Stars

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