Saturday, January 30, 2016

Audiobook: Still The One by Jill Shalvis (Review)

A couple of weeks ago, I finished Then Came You, and I mention that I couldn't wait to see what happens to Wyatt's sisters. Well, Still The One focuses on Darcy. In Then Came You I really liked Darcy and I couldn't wait for her. She just seem so sassy, snarky, and not a people person. She sounds like a lot of fun. Plus, she gives AJ a run for his money.

I love AJ. He's fun, carrying, and every now again he does something stupid. When it comes to Darcy, he's not the brightest. Both of them like each other, but AJ doesn't want to get involved with Darcy, because her situation reminds him of another. Actually, Darcy is a lot stronger than what AJ gives her credit for, and he slowly comes to the realization. However, it doesn't stop him from sticking his foot his mouth.

Karen does an amazing job at narrating Still The One. She has a talent making the character come to life. Jill is the one to make these characters lovable. I love these and they are fun to watch. I mean Darcy and her snark doesn't let AJ get away with anything. It's pretty cool to see how far Darcy progresses since her accident. Plus, AJ needs a little snark in his life.

Overall, Still The One is fun-filled read that has you cracking up. Yes, there is an emotional element to the story, because it makes the story oh so much better. Take a ride with AJ and Darcy and see what kind of trouble these two come up.

4 1/2 Stars

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