Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Man Plan by Tracy Anne Warren (Review)

Towards the end of last month I was able to read The Man Plan by Tracy Anne Warren. Truthfully, I didn't know what to expect. so I went in not knowing what the story was about. Fortunately, I liked the story.

Anyway, The Man Plan is a book two, and I haven't read the first book. I do actually want to go back and read the first story, because it would clear up what happen to James and Madelyn. Basically, the prologue starts off with James getting told that Madelyn can't marry him and he storms off from the chapel. Sucks to be him. Then it jumps five years later with James getting a call from Madelyn's parents asking for a favor to keep an eye out on Ivy (Madelyn's little sister). We come to find out that she has set her eyes on capturing James. Okay, that might sound a bit creepy since he's 35 and she's about 20. I guess we can go with a lot of jokes, but I'm going to let it go.

Basically, we have Ivy on a mission to seduce James and to show him she's the girl for him (compare to him she is a girl). While James is trying to keep his cool and remember that he use to held her as a baby. Yeah, nothing creepy about him lusting after a 20 year old. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. We watch James face this inner struggle, which he loses and caves to temptation. I have to say when he does cave it's hilarious and everything goes to hell. It's marvelously awesome. He keeps throwing in her face that she need to experience life, because he's so old and she might regret it. Since Ivy has a stubborn streak, she decides to prove to James she gain experience. Of course this drives his protective side crazy.

Honestly, I did enjoyed The Man Plan, because it was funny and entertaining. Yes, I did cry at parts, then again I'm a sap. I liked the May-December romance, because you don't find too many of them. So, it's different to see 15 years difference when it's not a historical. So, if you are looking for something entertaining you might consider The Man Plan your next read.

4 Stars


  1. great review. I do like the may december romances...especially if they are written right. I do love this author and I read the first book and really enjoyed it, so I hope to get my hands on this one soon.

  2. This story was fun and I plan to go back and read the first book. I'm excited for the third book. I wonder about the brother and his wife.