Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Husband Games by Jamie Farrell (Review)

Let me just say that I adore chick-lit, because they are just fun, quirky, and entertaining. I did find this story quirky, but the fun and entertaining kind had me itching for more. There might be spoilers, because I don't know how to go around what bothered me in the story without the explanations. Here we go with my thoughts:

All right, the story takes place in a town called Bliss, and everyone is blissfully happy and wedding is there game. Okay, I'm fine with that, every town has to have a niche. However, Natalie is like the black sheep of the town, because he got a divorce. Oh dear god, she's a divorcee living in a town where everyone is like happily married. If that wasn't the biggest sin, being a bridal shop owner is like the devil incarnated. We need to pray for this child. Anyway, I actually have no problem with her sin, but one of town members does. Throughout the town she's know as Queen General (Marilyn Elias), but I thought of her more like the Queen Bitch. Honestly, I saw her more like a bully. She treated Natalie abdominally, and basically picked on her because Natalie was living in a town where everyone is blissfully happily married. I think I would have had more respect for Natalie if she had a backbone at the beginning, and slowly was chipped away. However, she just let QG pick on her. There were a couple of moments where she did decide to get a backbone, but it never lasted long. Another problem I had was her father. Her father was kind of seeing the enemy. I don't know, but my family that is big no-no. Granted my family doesn't get together all that often, but we know we have their backs. Then he had the audacity to say to try to work it out with Marilyn. Are you kidding me, that woman wouldn't listen to Natalie if her life depended on it. Plus, Marilyn even warned Natalie to stay away from CJ (the golden boy of husbands).

I guess I should mention this CJ and Natalie had a past. They were never together, but she kind of blamed CJ for the end of her marriage. First off, no one can ruined your marriage unless you let them. What happen to CJ and Natalie was an accident that happen at the Husband Games a few years back, but Natalie's marriage was already rocky she just used CJ as a scapegoat. Poor guy didn't know he was the blame of her faulty marriage. However, CJ and Natalie have an instant chemistry, because of the past and Marilyn basically calling her damage goods they weren't meant to be. Please.

Through most of the story, I was angry. A lot has to do with QG being a bully to Natalie. Seriously, Marilyn undermined what Natalie was trying to do for the Husband Games. Had Marilyn not been a complete bitch I would have enjoyed the story. It wasn't until we got to actual games that it started to get better and seeing CJ and Natalie working together. I know others who absolutely loved this story, but it made me angry. I don't take kindly to bullying, I have my reasoning. It just didn't work me. However, it could just this story and I might like something else written by this author. This is just my thoughts on The Husband Games.

2 Stars

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