Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Opposite of Wild by Kylie Gilmore (Review)

Okay, I liked The Opposite of Wild by Kylie Gilmore, but I have a few reservations about a character. That's a problem in itself, because she's the heroine. Yeah, that can't be good. Lets dive into my thoughts on this story.

So, we have Liz Garner who is Type A scary. Seriously, she has to be in control of everything and I don't know where it all stems from, because it's not like she had a horrible childhood. What I gather she had a normal childhood other than the one embarrassing incident at the pool when she was a teen. Honestly, it wasn't that bad, but she carried that memory and used to fuel her life choices. Someone needs some help in that department. Anyway, she tries to micromanage her sister, she kind of gets upset when her sister decides to try to do things on her own. Not a healthy relationship there. Plus, she feels like she has to do everything for her sister, because has been doing it forever. Some psychologist would have a field day with that situation. Time to move on.

Next we have Ryan O'Hare who needs a caregiver for his grandma (Maggie), because she's just not the same person after the accident. Of course he feels Liz would be a good person for the job cause she's just so button up. However, Maggie teaches Liz to live a little more and venture out of the comfort zone. I have no problem with that. I did have issues with her turning down Ryan for a date, but was willing to sleep with him. Ryan was wondering what was wrong him. That could totally give a guy a complex. Even though she was finding a new lease on life, she was still holding back. I have issue with a girl saying she wants husband, kids, and the white picket fence, but afraid to take a chance on love or even attempting to date. Yes, Ryan has been known to play the field, but give a guy a chance he could change.

Liz was my major hang up in The Opposite of Wild, but I still liked the story. It has to do with Ryan and his family. It's a hard lesson for Liz to learn to let go on somethings, but it takes practically the whole book. I actually like the next couple book in the series, but I just had a hard time with Liz. Good thing Ryan and Maggie kind of balance Liz out.

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