Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tempted By A Cowboy by Sarah M. Anderson (Review)

Yesterday, I got a chance to finished Tempted By A Cowboy by Sarah M. Anderson. As I was reading the first thing that popped into my mind was, "What in the world did Jo Spears do?", cause she has been living like a nun for 10years. Throughout the story you slowly get picture what made her change her life. As she has been piecing together her life, you are getting the piece by piece of what happen. At times it's a little frustrating cause you see the attraction between her and Phillip Beaumont, but she's not easily charm by him. Now Phillip has two images the partier and the cowboy. However, the partier comes out more often and he justifies it by saying he's the image of the company. When he meets Jo, he starts to clean up his act, because he has this need to conquer her.

Phillip is use to get women, but when Jo presents the challenge of the chase he starts to turn his life around. I liked that Jo didn't cave in to his charm, even though in the past she would have taken the chance with Phillip. At times I was frustrated at Jo for not getting with Jo, and a lot had to deal with not fully comprehending her past. Once all that was clear, I was like "Oh, well that changes everything," and I respect Jo a whole more when she basically put her foot down when he failed. Cause it would have been easy for her to fall back to her way of life, but she perceiver. I like that this was Phillips wakeup call.

Overall, I enjoyed Tempted By A Cowboy, because you have two characters who similar. Granted one went through a life changing event to get the point of that they are in, and the other realize there are consequences to action.

Favorite Quote:
"Be thankful for the rain," Lina had said after Jo had cried on her shoulder. Which was a very Lina thing to say. "Nothing grows, nothing moves forward without a little rain now and then."

Copy provided by author.

4 1/2 Stars

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