Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lady Madeline's Adventure with the Duke or something like that

So, the other day Ava Stone was at a Facebook Party and she posted the following image. 

So, my name and personality came out to be The Willful Madeline, Duchess of Marrick. So, I posted on how she met her duke:

Well, I went out to the garden cause those balls can be so stuffy. I just had to escape Lady Jersey's evil glare. I don't understand why she doesn't like me. Anyway, I happen to catch his grace with his latest flame. I know so shameful of me, but I couldn't turn away. Then he caught me watching and narrowly made my escape to the library. Cause we all know that Andrew James Carlyle is not the Duke to trifle with.

So, I decided to make a little story of Lady Madeline Bennett. Bear with me as I share the little story that popped into my head. 

Lady Madeline Bennett was starting her third season and her mother was fretting that she would be firmly on the shelf. However, Madeline wasn’t to worry about being on the shelf, she looked forward to the time where she didn’t have attend another season. She had been planning to approach her father about getting a little cottage not to far from Bristol. But deep down, she knew it wasn’t going to happen. It was just a dream she harbored. Still there was that hope.

Oh dear god, what does that woman have against me, Madeline thought as she turn her gaze to Lady Jersey. That woman has had it in for me since my first season. Oh well, as she shrugs. Madeline slowly makes her way towards the doors leading to the garden, nothing like fresh air to make an escape. 

As Madeline made her way to the banister, something caught her eye. Good god is that The Duke of Marrick.  Indeed it was and in a very compromising situation, but who was she to judge. As Madeline was deciding to take her leave, the Duke noticed her standing there. Eyes wide open, Madeline panic and decided it was time to make her escape. She mutter to herself, “Please god, let me make my escape,” as she rushed to the library. She hoped he didn’t see the direction she went. Alas, her pray went unanswered as she saw Andrew James Carlyle glaring down at her. Poor Madeline, she knew her life was over.

Andrew stared down at the chit deciding what to make of the situation. When all of the sudden, “I swear I won’t tell a soul what I saw, please let me go.” Andrew knew the girl was close to being on the shelf. He thought to himself, this might be an interesting season after all. 

Andrew took a breath, “Well, my dear, I just can’t let you go after what you have seen.”

“What must I do in order to ensure that you can trust me to keep my silence?”

Now this was the kind of thing Andrew liked to hear. Oh yes, the season is looking promising. “All right, you must be willing to escort you home this evening.” 

“But you can’t! What would people say?” As Madeline starts to feel a panic set in.

“No one, say anything my dear. After all, I do know your father and have chatted at Whites.” Which all seems logical to Andrew.

“Maybe not you,” as Madeline mumble to herself.

“Anyway, I’m a Duke no one will question me,” looking arrogant as he said it.

“Will that be all?” Madeline asks hopefully.

Andrew chuckles, “No my dear it’s just the beginning.”

Now Madeline knew she was about the faint. Oh dear, what could he have in mind, as the thought rush across her mind.

So, this is all I have at this time. Who knows what’s going to happen next? There you have it the beginning of Lady Madeline’s Adventures with the Duke. Or if there will be more to happen to Lady Madeline. It does look like she’s in a pickle.

With Ava's Duchess Name Game, what's your Duchess name?


  1. LOVE it, Melody! So much fun!!

    Today I am - Anna, the willful and beautiful Duchess of Sutton!

  2. So fun Melody!! My name is Anna the beautiful Garsdale :)

    1. Hello Anna, thanks for stopping by. Ava is the one who made the banner for a Facebook party. I just rolled with it and created Lady Madeline.

  3. I'm Rose the frightened Duchess of Jarrow