Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Light Her Fire by Samanthe Beck (Review)

Holy moly was this read H-O-T! Let me just say that there moments in Samanthe Beck's Light Her Fire, had me self-fanning. So, if you are not a fan of hot steamy reads, you need to back away from the book. However, if you like a lot of steam, you better grab your fan or take an ice bath, because Light Her Fire doesn't cool down till the end. Seriously, a smokin' hot read.

So, what makes this smokin' hot read awesome. Right from the get go Samanthe has me blushing. Granted it doesn't take much for me to blush, but it's the situation that popped up. For instance, Melody makes the first move towards Josh. She starts to have second thoughts, but still goes through with it. However, it seems like the town is conspiring against them. Which gets a good laugh, because it's absolutely embarrassing. This inspires the blush from me. Fortunately, they are able to finally get their groove on, but it comes with its own challenges.

Anyway, I love Melody Merritt (not just because her name is Melody and we share the same initials). However, she's Ms. Bluelick. "The poster girl for Bluelick, and she always made a point to be friendly." Then you have Josh Bradley who is a bad boy fire chief. Not only that he's a hot one. "Good enough to have some of the women in town contemplating torching their own kitchens, and feigning loss of consciousness to get a ride on his broad shoulders." Yeah, he's pretty hot and has the moves to go with it.

LOVED, Melody and Josh's story. Basically, it brings together a Ms. Goody-two-shoe to the Bad Boy Fire Chief together. Not only are they smoking up the sheets, but they start to realize they are perfect one another. Seriously, Light Her Fire had me laughing, crying, fanning, and whatever emotion you can think of. Fun hot read that has you aching for a cold shower by the end. So, if you need a hot read you might checkout Light Her Fire.

Favorite Quote (probably the funniest line from Josh):
The door swung open and three pint-sized...hookers...stared up at him, their glitter-glossed smiles slowly disappearing from their over painted faces.
Copy provided by publisher (purchased an actual copy too)

5 Stars

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