Monday, October 20, 2014

An American Duchess by Sharon Page (Review)

So, the beginning of An American Duchess by Sharon Page started out strong. It was fun reading first part of the book, because there was a lot going on. Sometimes that can bog  a person down, but it manages to work in the story.

So, we have Zoe Gifford an American heiress, but she can't access her money until she's married. Well, she meets Sebastian Hazelton and concocts a plan to marry and divorce before the ink is dry on the certificate. However, she has to meet the family. Once she meets Sebastian's infuriating brother Nigel Hazelton, the Duke of Langford, the can't seem to stay away from each. I love that they have this intense dislike towards one another. We all know that it can go one or two ways. Of course, it works out that they are better match than Sebastian and her. That's not the only reason, since Sebastian has the hots for his friend.

Anyway, a lot of the dynamics of the story stem from Zoe getting introduce to the Hazelton family and her progressive ideas. Which at first doesn't go over to well, but they start to accept them and become more open. I thought this was fantastic to watch this change. However, once Nigel and Zoe got married it became the battle of wills. They had this constant struggle, and some of the struggle stem from not having an open communication. So, you watch these to people struggle to open up completely once they are married. Plus, it didn't help that they came from too different worlds. So, they struggle to compromise. You have Zoe who is an American, who is had more freedom and struggles when Nigel tries to control her. While Nigel has a hard time with change, and came back from the great war change. He also suffers from shell shock (modern term would be PTSD), and he's trying to cope with it on his own.

Honestly, An American Duchess started out strong. I was eager to want to finish the story, but as we got deeper in the story I struggle. I struggle with Nigel and Zoe's stubbornness, because neither one wanted to compromise. It was my way or the highway towards the end of the story. At times I wanted to scream at them. Fortunately, they were able to figure out and make it work. Overall, I did like the story. Even though I struggle towards the end, I still liked it. Both of them came from two different backgrounds, which almost tore them apart. I liked that both had their own struggles that they had to come to terms with and tell the other what has holding them back emotionally.

A pretty good read. I think those who are fans of Downton Abbey will find enjoyment in An American Duchess.

Copy provided by Harlequin via NetGalley

3 1/2 Stars

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