Sunday, October 12, 2014

Broken by Laura Wright (Review)

First off, I'm loving the The Cavanaugh Brothers books. So far, the ultimate story line is getting better. This is a series you are not going to want to start in the middle or anywhere else, but the beginning. Here's why: The main story line is the brothers trying to figure out who killed their little sister. With each book more is reveal. So, I'm advising not to start anywhere but with the first book Branded.

Okay, now that I got that out of the way I can go into my thoughts of Broken. I'm seriously loving this series. Yes, I love that they are getting a little closer to whodunit in Cass's murder. I mean a little. I honestly believe Laura is going to drag that secret till the very end of the series, but you know what I'm okay with that. I like that we can't guess it right away, it gives that little suspense.

Anyway, since this is romance it has to have little romance. So, in Broken we focus on James Cavanaugh and Sheridan O'Neil. I love that both of are broken. Perfect title. Moving on. So, we have James who is guilt ridden cause of his sister's death, but there is more to this tortured soul. After what happen in his youth, he basically made it his mission to protect any woman he loved. However, things happen and he realize he couldn't do that, so instead of finding someone to love the best thing to do is to avoid it all together. Which was working just find till he met Sheridan. You would remember Sheridan as Deacon's right-hand person. However, in Broken we get to know her a little better. For one thing she doesn't do any type of relationship. What! I know. Basically, Sheridan has lived her life protecting herself from getting her feelings hurt, because all relationship does is cause pain. Which is sad, because you aren't living.

What I love about this story is that you have James and Sheridan who are basically broken and the only way to repair that is to open up there are hearts to one another. However, fear is what keeps these two avoid their feelings for half the book. However, something happens which brings these two together and makes them realize they need to be honest with one another. Sheridan was able to open up sooner than James. James almost ruins the relationship before it even has a real chance, because of the past.

I'm not kidding when I say The Cavanaugh Brothers is a fantastic series. The love whole idea of these brothers who come together to find out the secret that lies beneath of their sisters death, and the other secrets that are revealed along the way. Like the secret brother. Anyway, Broken is fantastic with it's continuation of what's going on. Yes, we are one step closer and we get a little romance. Plus, two people repairing one another from their past. So, if you are looking for a cowboy, mystery, and a little heat (yes, there is a few steamy scenes), you will want to try The Cavanaugh Brothers books. As I stated before, I would strongly advise not starting with book two.

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  1. Oh I adored this one too Melody! I'm so stinking excited about the next one :D