Thursday, October 31, 2013

Darkness Awakened by Katie Reus

So, I spent most of my day reading Darkness Awakened by Katie Reus. This is her new story and the start of a new series. First off, I do enjoy Katie writing, but I just had a hard time getting into the story. So, let me give my thoughts:

We meet Lyra Marius who happens to be a "blood-born" vampire. Which is basically, "Rare vampire who'd been born to this life, not turned". Now Lyra is looking for her daughter, because she ran off and ended up getting capture. Lyra has been fearing this for sometime, because of a vampire prophecy:

"A vampire named Kush prophesied that fifteen years after two powerful lines created life, the sun would go dark across the entire planet in the middle of the day. When that happens. the progeny of those two lines will have the power to completely open the games of hell with their blood and spill terror onto the planet once again."

Now that sounds pretty bad, and you can understand why Lyra needs to find her daughter. So, she turns to Finn Stavros for help. Well, this werewolf pack leader use to be something special to Lyra until he broke her heart. Now she needs his help to find her daughter since Lyra doesn't really have anyone to turn too.

Darkness Awakened has a lot of potential. Plus, it's not your typical vampire and shifter story, which makes for an interesting read. I did like how Lyra turn to Finn for help, because deep down she knew would help. I was impress that Finn didn't go ballistic when he found out he had a child. Overall, it was pretty easy going reading with a little action. As I said that towards it did pick up a bit towards the end and I curious on what's going to happen to a few of the characters in the series. I wonder if the demons will make an appearance again or will the human race be in perils again and need the help of vampires and shifters? Now I have to wait and see. So, if you like vampires and shifters, you might like Darkness Awakened.

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